Voice traffic transit

Today it is impossible to imagine an easier way to communicate with loved ones, colleagues or friends than by phone. Phone calls became the routine way of communication. But what is behind the dial pad? Few people realize that behind it are the newest technologies, human labor and cutting-edge design. All these are the services rendered to you by telecommunication providers.

Flames Group SIA is an international telecommunication provider.

We can develop a package of services that will be tailored to your specific requests.

Our payment plan is more convenient than those of larger companies. You can receive payment in 7 or 15 days after service was rendered. We work with EMS and PayPal systems as well.

Our flexible tariff policy allows you to save money.

The quality control department keeps track of all business-processes: controls the work of the staff and technical support team.

Technical support is available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We answer your questions promptly and take necessary steps to resolve any issues.

Years of experience allow us to fully satisfy all the requirements of our customers.

For whom

Telecom operators

Companies providing local, long-distance and international telecommunication to consumers and businesses.

Intermediary companies

Intermediaries between operators and consumers who provide services in the field of telecommunication.


Individuals seeking to obtain or provide intermediary services in the field of telecommunications.

Telecom operators Intermediary companies Customers

How do we operate?


Non-disclosure of information

The whole negotiation process with our prospective and current clients is strictly confidential.

Reference check

Collection and verification of information about our prospective clients: customer reviews, financial stability of the company, etc.

Signing the contract

We determine our client’s needs. We exchange IP addresses of client’s equipment. To speed up the process we usually communicate via email.

The beginning of cooperation

Voice traffic exchange begins


Contact us

Flames Group is:

  • 10 years on the market;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • transit of more than 20 million minutes of voice traffic per month;
  • software development in the area of telecommunication services;
  • trust of financial partners – unsecured loans from Rietumu bank.
  • clarity and openness — audited by KPMG

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  • SMS gateway is an ideal tool for sending mass SMS messages from a leading European manufacturer of premium gateways
Voice traffic transit.

What is termination?

The process of call termination is opposite to the process of origination. Origination is the initiation of a call, which occurs as follows: • The caller dials the number and presses the "Call" button • The telephone company directs the call to the recipient’s provider Then, the termination process (the process of receiving the call) begins: • The recipient’s provider transmits the call to the recipient's phone and the phone starts ringing • The recipient picks up the phone and the conversation begins

The ANTRAX system is a unique solution for termination of voice traffic in GSM provider’s network.
You can get more information about it on the “Product” page.

Business calculator

It’s well known that telecommunication is among five the most profitable industries. Termination is the essential part of the telecommunications industry in terms of profitability. This business requires a small capital investment, carries low risk, produces a quick return on investment, and generates high income.

Payback calculator allows easy calculation of estimated revenue of termination in any country. Please, contact us if you have any questions.

*All figures obtained in the calculation are approximate and should be double checked while developing a business plan. Flames group SIA is not liable for inaccurate or false information used in the calculator.

Price for VoIP: 1 $/min


Number of Ports


Cost of the call

Income is


day, week, month, Year

Partnership with us is profitable

We value our clients and provide them with a wide range of different incentives.

Becoming our client, you can purchase equipment with a substantial discount and pay in installments. For example, clients which share the profits from their projects with us, can purchase/receive equipment at favorable terms and conditions (or even free!).

We strive to maintain maximum flexibility in the relations with our clients.

Contact us to discuss the details and benefits of a partnership with us.

You receive

Flexible approach

We avoid administrative red tape. Flexibility and speed are our priorities. We are always ready to discuss your proposals!

Long-term prospects

Immediate profit is not our final goal.
Our goal is to achieve mutual benefits and satisfaction in our partnership with you.

Dealer’s network

Flames Group SIA is expanding our dealer network and we always welcome new clients.

Additional information is available upon request. Please, feel free to contact us by: e-mail, phone, fax, etc.


ANTRAX is a unique solution for termination of voice traffic in GSM networks.

The system is simple, easy to operate and convenient. These features allow you significantly reduce time required for installation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance. They also help you to improve security and increase profits.

The elements of the ANTRAX system

Elements of the system are divided into two groups: Hardware and software.
Hardware includes: 1) Bearing block; 2) SIM card; and 3) GSM card.
Software modules are: 1) SIM server and 2) graphical user interface.

1. The bearing block has 15 slots for GSM and SIM boards.
2. SIM-board has 20 interfaces for SIM cards.
3. GSM board has 2 voice ports, channels.
4. SIM-server contains a database and a set of business logistics for management of
hardware elements.
5. Graphical user interface is a single point for management and
monitoring the system.

Convergence of VOIP and GSM networks
Interaction schematic of elements
of the ANTRAX system

GSM boards don't require SIM cards. All SIM cards are at IP network distance from GSM gateways—all in one place. It’s very profitable, convenient and safe. Currently this is the only way to resist ANTI FRAUD systems of GSM operators.

GSM operators employ ANTI FRAUD systems and mechanisms that help them to identify and block those SIM cards used for termination purposes within the network.
ANTRAX system imitates live subscriber behavior: thus avoiding blocking.


Scalability and flexibility

The Antrax system has a “building block” type design. To increase its productivity, simply add a new module or block. You can either begin a project or learn the system by buying a minimum kit: a bearing block and two boards (GSM and SIM).


Thanks to Radvision’s H323 stack, you won’t have compatibility issues with other manufacture’s equipment.

Guarantee of quality

The Antrax system is certified by the leading German concern TUV Rheinland Group. The system has following certificates:
CB: HU-000750
IECEE: HU-000751
EMC: M5 69240719 001
LVD: M1 69240718 0001

We also expect certificates from the FCC and UkrSEPRO.


Configuration, monitoring and management of the Antrax system is performed by a user-friendly graphic interface.

Additional information is available upon request. Please, feel free to contact us by: e-mail, phone, fax, etc.
This video shows how to load the graphical user interface (GUI) for management of the ANTRAX system

This video shows statistics of GUI client

This video shows how monitor servers

This video shows how to send USSD queries to a specific GSM channel, and also to a group of GSM channels

This video shows the ability to use SIM card IMEI

This video shows how to use simple drag-and-drop techniques to view the statistics and history of the SIM card

This video shows how to add a new device including new SIM and GSM groups

SIM BOX is a multichannel interface for SIM cards.

GSM-gateway allows you to directly transfer telephone traffic from traditional telephone networks to mobile networks of GSM standard and back.

GUI is a graphical user interface for system set up and control.

SIM-server is a software core for the whole system.

GUI is a graphical user interface for system set up and control.

GSM-gateway allows you to directly transfer telephone traffic from traditional telephone networks to mobile networks of GSM standard and back.

SIM-server is a software core for the whole system.

Single scheme (Stand Alone) is the simplest and most affordable solution. It consists of GSM and SIM boards installed into one bearing block in one location. In other words, it is a well-known GSM gateway with the SIM matrix. It is used to test the business models and system functions and is a good option to start with!
Diversified scheme: GSM and SIM boards are installed in individual bearing blocks at different locations. It solves the issue of ANTI FRAUD systems used by operators who try to imitate live subscriber’s behavior. It increases the security and reduces the risks; thus, increasing profits and saving money on support. It is a perfect solution for termination of large volumes of voice traffic.
Our primary goal is to make your interaction with the ANTRAX system simple and convenient. In order to achieve this, we provide excellent technical support.

Convenient communication channels

We don't limit your communication with tech. support to e-mail only. You can consult our specialists via any communication channel, such as: telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail, etc.

Technical support from start to finish

We will support you at every stage – from planning to launching the system, including system modernization and expansion.


Reasonable price

Post-garanthy technical support is available at a reasonable price.

24/7 technical support

You will have our technical support team available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You won't have to deal with your problems alone!

Technical features

  • Gateway (Sub rack+GSM boards)
    Scalable configuration, 2-30 GSM channels in the bearing block;
    possibility to change IMEI tH323 g729/g723/g711.

  • Sim-Box (Sub rack+SIM boards)
    Central storage for all SIM-cards
    From 1 to 15 SIM carrier’s (20-300 SIM cards per unit)
    Cluster 9 000 SIM cards per one site (tested)
    Automatic 1.8 V/3.3V detection

  • Sim-Server-Software
    Manages all SIM cards from one place
    Improves security, SIM cards are located separately from the GSM gateways
    Reduces operating costs for system maintenance. Auto-recharge of your account with USSD, SMS, DTMF.
    Simulation of incoming traffic.
    Migration of SIM cards between gateways, simulation of human behavior to avoid blocking of SIM cards.

  • GUI
    Intuitive graphical interface (Windows, Linux, MacOs)
    Configuration, monitoring and management in real time.

Key features

  • Design
    Designed specifically for voice traffic termination in GSM network.
    The system was designed specifically for voice traffic termination in GSM network. It was not transferred from the corporate sector, therefore, it doesn’t require any extra settings and it’s easy to operate.
  • Architecture
    The system consists of three fully interoperable hardware elements. It allows you to use ANTRAX either as a simple GSM VOIP gateway or as a connection point between several GSM VOIP gateways with SIM server.
  • Scalability and flexibility
    The system allows you to increase the capacity by adding new elements. You won’t need to exchange current equipment and purchase new more expensive modules.
  • Control
    All configurations and control come from the graphical interface. You can use it with Windows, Linux or your Mac. The interface is easy to use, the usual operations run faster and "cheaper" (please refer Video)
    Termination of voice traffic is a very profitable business. Many GSM operators consider it fraud, so they use ANTI FRAUD tools that will prevent you from doing it. System ANTRAX has a set of business scripts that allows you to sound like a live subscriber. Therefore it makes it more difficult to detect the termination of traffic in network.
  • Price
    The ANTRAX system was developed in Central Europe, and you will be pleasantly surprised by its price because its development and IT support is much cheaper in this region.